Warranty and Repair

Warranty and Repair

Toolmoo provides a one-year limited warranty for products sold on toolmoo.com.

Toolmoo and the manufacturers who sell product through our Platform reserve the right to make design changes, additions to, and improvements upon any products without incurring any obligation to incorporate same on any products previously manufactured. In the event that any provision of this Warranty should be, or become, invalid and/or unenforceable, the remaining terms and provisions hereof shall continue in full force and effect.

1.Such Warranty shall not apply unless the product has become defective under normal use and service and has not been subjected to accident, abuse, misuse, vandalism, fire, or neglect or damage resulting from improper voltage, inadequate wiring or Act of God. Alterations or failure to follow operating and installation instructions shall automatically void this Warranty. Any claim made pursuant to this Warranty shall be conditioned upon Toolmool and the Manufacturer’s inspection of the product upon which the claim is made.

2.Should any failure to conform to the foregoing Warranty appear within the period described above, Toolmool and the Manufacturer shall, at its option, upon prompt notice of such non-conformity and confirmation that the goods have been properly stored, installed, operated, and maintained , correct the non-conformity either by assisting with repair of any defective goods or by shipping replacement goods.

3.The product, or parts thereof, subject to this Warranty must not be returned without prior authorization from Toolmool and the Manufacturer and all returns must conform to the In-Warranty Return Procedure hereinafter provided.

4.Before using the product, purchaser shall determine the suitability of the product for his intended use. To the extent allowed by law, this warranty is expressly in lieu of all other warranties , expressed or implied ,including any implide warranty of merchanbility or fitness for a particular purpose .

5.Toolmoo and its Manufacturer will not cover, and this Warranty expressly does not include, any repair, replacement, analysis or other expense for parts or services furnished on any equipment not manufactured by Manufacturer unless specifically authorized in writing by Toolmoo and the Manufacturer. Any components subsequently attached or affixed to the equipment will not be covered by the warranty, even if the Manufacturer has expressly accommodated the equipment to cover said installation or attachment. Any components subsequently attached must be approved components previously tested by Toolmool and the Manufacturer or installation will void the warranty to the entire unit. This Warranty does not include any minor adjustments or preparation associated with making the equipment operational after receipt of shipment.

6.If prior to the return of an item, you would like to attempt a product diagnosis or repair, you have the option of contacting Toolmool for e-mail or other modes of communication. In the event that you request such assistance from Toolmoo and are provided with any information or assistance from Toolmool, you agree that any attempt to self-diagnose or selfrepair any product purchased through Toolmoo, whether with off-site assistance from Toolmoo or not, shall be performed at your own risk. Toolmoo will have no liability, responsibility, or obligation for any misdiagnosis, failure to repair, equipment or product breakage, or other related damages, whether such damages directly or indirectly arise from any information or assistance provided by Toolmoo. Toolmoo will also have no liability in the event of an injury or death resulting in self repair, whether Toolmoo guided or otherwise.

Out-Warranty Service and Repair

After one year from the date of delivery of the product, Toolmoo and its manufacturer provide out-of-warranty services and repairs at the user's own expense.